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We know what it means to be global, quick and lean. With a no-nonsense approach, we give you practical advice to accelerate your European journey. Whether you're looking for full support or just help with an individual area. We have you covered.




Expansion & Localization

Get the basics right, fit in and compete locally

Go to Market Strategy

Start small, test the market and progressively scale up

Fulfillment & Shipping

Make product available, then make it fast & cheap

Crack the Lucrative

European Market

Building the Right Team

Leverage locals, build partnerships and hire the best

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Where can you expect the greatest return on investment?

We can help you identify the right channels. There are online 140 marketplaces, 45 countries and 24 languages in Europe. There is a confusing mix of local and regional providers, ranging in quality and reputation from poor to excellent. Your competition is local & regional, big & small and known & unknown to you. Equally, there are very powerful B2B allies that can accelerate your brand recognition and sales quickly.

Go to Market Strategy Services

Services We Offer

Know Your Competition  ·  Product-Market Fit  ·  Identify Key European Markets  ·  Build or Buy · Impact on Existing Business  ·  Keep It Simple  · Identify Key Differentiators  ·  Competitive Market study ·  Develop Channel Strategy  ·  Marketing Strategy  ·  Marketplace & Amazon Strategy  ·  Phased Approach  ·  Investment Planning  ·  TAX/VAT Optimization  ·  BREXIT Contingency ·  Legal, bank, office setup  ·  Domains registration/IP protection · eCommerce Due Diligence  ·  Direct Brand Positioning  ·  Sales Strategy  ·  Europe Readiness Check  ·  Market Study & Market Entry

DID YOU KNOW?       50% of US retailers don't ship to Europe



How do you fit in like a local and win sales?

We will make sure your product is compliant, translated and ready for market. In order to compete and increase your conversion rate we will optimize the experience for payment methods, customer service, local marketing and local marketplaces. There are many levels of localization from "dipping your toe in the water" to full blown localization. We will guide you thru which level is adequate thru each stage of your growth.

Expansion & Localization Services

Services We Offer

Technology Stack Readiness Check   ·  Product Certification and Labeling  ·  Translation Support   ·  Payment Methods   ·  Local Acquiring   ·  Fraud Prevention   ·  Address Verification  ·  Currency  ·  Local Language  ·  Marketplaces  ·  Mobile commerce  ·  Social Media / Customer Care  ·  Localization Readiness Check  ·  GDPR & Data Retention   ·  Regulatory Compliance

DID YOU KNOW?       UK, Germany & France make up 70% of the European eCommerce Market



How do you setup your fulfilment network to maximize margin?

With many tactics available such as shipping from the US, putting fast movers into a local EU warehouse, leveraging channel partners or marketplaces, all the way up to putting all of your stock in Europe, our Network Analysis takes into account the P&L implications of where to place stock and when to reduce costs in what is normally the largest single cost center. Our goal here is to reduce your costs as much as possible while providing a local experience to your consumers.

Fulfillment & Shipping Services

Services We Offer

Global Inventory Utilization Analysis  ·  International Shipping Costs Optimization  ·  Stock & Distribution Strategy  ·  B2B & Wholesale Channel Setup  ·  Selection of Fulfilment Service Provider  ·  Vendor Management  ·  Import Advice  ·  Bonded Warehouse Viability  ·  Brexit Contingency & Planning   ·  Cross Border Optimization   ·  Returns Management Strategies   ·  Freight Forwarding  ·   Complete Strategy   ·  B2c vs B2B shipping strategies

DID YOU KNOW?       Most European Merchants are overpaying by 20% on Fulfillment and Shipping. US Merchants even more.



How do you balance quick results with an interim team and then long-term success with dedicated professionals?

Leverage our team to get going on guidance and initial setup, then over time train-up your existing team, use local outsourced partners in Europe for Fulfillment, Customer Care/Social Media and Marketing, up to hiring your own team based locally in Europe. We can help with entity setup, tax optimization and hiring the best team in Europe using our extensive network.

Building the Right Team Services

Services We Offer

Build Local Partnerships  ·  Identify the Right Technology partners · Work with Local Influencers  ·  Leverage Your Existing Team   ·  Leverage us for Interim Management  ·  Act as your Local Representatives  ·  Identify Ideal Office Location   ·  Operate Outsourced Office   ·  Company Setup   ·  Identify Local System Integrators  ·  Leverage Local Marketing Agencies  · Subsidiary Establishment  ·  M&A, Roll-up Opportunities   ·  Recruitment and HR Services

DID YOU KNOW?       85% of European jobs are filled via Networks, not Headhunters or Agencies.