Sephora to launch OTZI, a K-Beauty skin care brand for Gen Z, with MBX

2020 has been a great year for skin care fanatics. From Rihanna’s long-awaited Fenty Skin to teen-centric brands like Bubble, we’re spoiled for choice. Sephora’s upcoming OTZI, a new K-Beauty line with beauty brand MBX, formerly known as Memebox, is the latest skincare release on our radar.

Back in 2018 Sephora released a successful K-Beauty makeup line with MBX called Kaja and now the companies are teaming up again. On December 16, just in time for some holiday shopping, MBX will release its second Sephora collaboration in the form of OTZI (pronounced oat-zee), a skin care line aimed at Gen Z. The name is a playful rearrangement of the Hangul for the Korean word '우리,' which translates to "us" (or, sometimes "mine") in English. According to the brand’s Instagram, the name highlights its desire to build a skin care community open to everybody.

Per WWD, the line will launch with five products ranging from $25 to $35, which include a makeup removing cleanser, brightening serum, resurfacing serum, gel moisturizer, and pore treatment mask. OTZI hasn’t shared too much about what is to come, but it has been teasing what juicy ingredients its products will include over on social media. What we do know is the gel moisturizer contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and at least one of the serums contains brightening ingredients like ginseng berry and mulberry extract.

The new brand is said to be eco-conscious as well as vegan, cruelty-free, and certified as Clean at Sephora. The minimalist pastel packaging is recycled and it is proudly gender-neutral. “We create dope products that undo any stereotypes other brands and societal norms, trends, or media may have taught you,” the brand wrote on its Instagram. ”We believe that skincare isn't just meant to be a one-dimensional experience for a certain type of humxn.”

From the first teasers, OTZI feels like skincare with a conscience. Whether you’re looking to refresh your routine or test the waters with K-Beauty, get your calendars set for their launch or join their text program for alerts on product recommendations and drop dates. OTZI will be available on on December 16.

Article courtesy of Teen Vogue here