Minimalism Brand incorporates a label on each garment detailing the costs and margins

Article courtesy of Minimalism here

Today we are taking a further step in our policy of corporate transparency. You may think this is banal, but for us every detail is important and decisive. Since April, in all the product sheets of this website, you can find the price of each garment and pack explained and broken down.

As of this week, in addition we have incorporated into the garments (for now only in sweatshirts , hoodies And Shirts) an inside label where you can see the costs of materials, manufacturing, packaging, logistics and the gross margin of that garment. We have taken advantage of the mandatory washing and care label so that we do not have to produce a new one.

This decision has not been easy for us as we have had to give up some of the things we have learned. But it seems to us to be the most fair, honest and conscious.

We want you to have all the information and make a conscious purchase. We think it's essential to give you this kind of information. We even risk saying that in several years it will be something very demanded by any customer before making any purchase. The time has come to transform the opacity installed in the textile industry.